Reality And Truth – Episode One


Six-part documentary of “Reality and Truth” presented by Neshane studio aims at showing a piece of the truth that has been hidden from people. These realities may alter people’s life and start a new chapter in their life
The documentary made by Iranian Muslims plans to show the realities from east and west which have been concealed from the world. The goal of this documentary is to say something new, something which is different from what you already know. This truth is hidden in the deepest well of darkness to imprison you. This truth is alight which nothing is more beautiful than it.
The wonderful feeling of freedom from ignorance.
You may be able to perceive the light of truth from the serial

Name : Reality and Truth documentary
Produced by : Neshane Studio
Episode : 1 –  China and Hollywood
Duration : 7 Minute

LinK 1 – HD – Neshane Studio

Link 2 – SD – Mediafire

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